Excellent Advice Women Should Consider

I love to share posts from other sources.  This one is from The Huffington Post & I have to admit, following the advice would be an excellent place to start for many of us.  I also appreciate the supporting links confirming it  isn’t just opinion.

The school year has begun, holidays are steadily approaching & with trying to meet end of year goals, these would be slight edge disciplines to point us in the right direction.

Which ones stand out the most for you?  I work primarily with single adults & I would have to vote the ones dealing self judgement & overdoing EVERYTHING are top of the list!  We tend to self sabotage & over commit to compensate for areas we feel less confident.

life isn't about finding yourself. life is about creating yourselfOne of my favorite methods for instituting changes uses the PDCA {Plan, Do, Check, Adjust} approach.  Create a plan, because as the saying goes….if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Begin with short-term, easily attainable goals to prevent disappointment.  Do the thing required to meet the goals.  Starting is often the greatest enemy of our defeat!  Once you have implemented the necessary steps to accomplish the goal, check the results.  Are there ways to change or tweak the process?  When you begin with the end in mind, checking results can be done at any point during the process.  Once adjustments are determined, adjust the plan & continue.  Individuals, small businesses, or major corporations should practice these principles.

23 Things Every Woman Should Stop are listed in the link below!  Enjoy & journal what you are trying.  If you want to effectively change some things in your life, you have to change some things in your life!  Remember, experience is the best teacher is only a half truth.  Someone else’s experience is!  You could share your experience, help someone who’s struggling, & observe as they come to terms with themselves.  This is Friday the 13th. & I believe great things could happen to us!




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