Excellence & Failure

I was reading a biblical devotion for leaders this morning & wanted to share.
Often times we strive for excellence, but never want to admit failure. We quote that failure isn’t an option. In doing so, we set an unrealistic expectation creating an environment where many people never even try. This devo explains, as great leaders understand all too will, they are synonymous. Enjoy!

Matthew 14:30

As demanding as Jesus was, he repeatedly allowed his team to fail. Consider Peter, who walked on water until he took his eyes off Jesus and took a bath. Or … the time Jesus instructed his disciples to feed five thousand people with seven loaves and two fish (Matthew 14:13–21). It only took a moment for them to realize that this was an order their sandwich stand couldn’t fill … In spite of all these failures, and many others, Jesus never lost confidence in his men. One of the most powerful leadership lessons Jesus exemplified was the creation of a team environment where failure was routine. Excellence and failure are partners, not enemies. In fact, the only way to achieve excellence is through repeated failures.
– Bill Perkins


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