I sooooo miss writing my blog! As a grant writer,  I’m creating narratives daily,  telling stories of our amazing programs, & compiling data to verify successful outcomes. Yet….. it isn’t the same.

Several months ago,  when I began my home buying journey, I already had my house picked out.  I prayed for guidance, wisdom & direction daily. Knowing it would be several months before I could purchase said house, I also prayed for God to preserve it for me. It’s been on the market almost a year. Now that’s keeping it hidden! Several weeks ago I felt I needed a plan B, but at the same time, as if this was an “Oh ye of little faith” moment allowing doubt to creep in. Yet…. I truly felt like I should continue the house search.  I’ve looked at some, enduring this Texas heat & decided to continue. Last night my house status changed to pending indicating someone else is buying my perfect house. For a moment I was tearful, but immediately realized I should probably count my blessings.

Why? I’m using a conventional lending company with phenomenal benefits, as their part of giving back to the community, but strict regulations. My perfect fixer upper house was perfect for me & a hard money lender,  but probably not for my conventional one. I realize foundation repair; new roof; upgrade the existing 2 apartments & finish out the third; landscaping; & creating an AirBnB space is not considered acceptable.

So many, many times my agenda positively & utterly became completely shattered only to discover it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Not sure there were enough adjectives to describe just how terribly wrong my plans went for a much better path.

Disappointment is a normal feeling, but it should never deter us from pursuing our passion.

What happened this time? The wait time necessary before applying, allowed me to determine I needed to rethink my ambitions. That wasn’t doubt. That was the guidance & direction I had been praying for. My pride never wanted to admit that my first project needed to be move in ready except for converting to a duplex or creating efficiency apartments.  That’s easy peasy!

I’m thankful that my house is pending & hope it is as perfect for the new buyer as it was for me. Had it not been in contract now,  I would’ve endured the unnecessary expenses of the appraisal, inspection, & earnest money, only to be rejected. Some would’ve been reimbursed, yet I would start all over without a Plan B.

The time I thought God was reserving my house, was the time I needed to have a reality check. The “not now” timing isn’t the most popular during our faith journey, however it’s often the most positive & productive. This was my faith growth spurt.

My realtor & I will continue the search. I discovered my house wasn’t going to actually be my house on June 14th. My loan process is due to begin on June 21st. According to the way I was taught math,  that’s 7 days. The Bible numerology code number 7 is one of the most significant numbers of the Bible because it’s the number of spiritual perfection. It’s stamped on every work of God.  Call me sappy, but I believe Father knows best.

Commit your ways into the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass. – Psalm 37:5 

I completely trust him. So can you.

Growth Spurt 101

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