Welcome to my blog!!   I’ve wanted to do this for some time & just had to begin.  I use it in preparation to publish my two books.  For 21 years I’ve lived a single life.  Having experienced divorce, bankruptcy, being a single parent & empty nester, I’m now enjoying my family as we finally all live in the same state.  I decided to create a blog for sharing this journy.  I invite you to not only cruise, but share your experiences as well.

I am retired from a 26+  year career in nursing, that was primarily critical care.  I believe my move to Texas from Louisiana in 2004 was totally a God-directed Exodus.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree Theology/Business Admin & over the years have served as a Singles Small Group Leader, Leaders Coach, & Group Director.  I also facilitated a community wide DivorceCare Connect Group & it was a true joy.  I’ve had the amazing privilege of being involved in a leadership development organization & as a Life Coach, I encounter & mentor with people in every walk of……Life!   Learning how to listen has enabled me to realize as we accept, approve & appreciate their stages of life, I’m also able to impart inspiration, encouragement & hope.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Leaders accept you where you’re at, but love you too much to leave you there.  This is tough sometimes, but vitally important in personal development. 

This blog is meant to encourage, empower & equip(E³) you as a friend while sharing the ups & downs of life.  I learned years ago when I’m in the deepest, darkest trial or tribulation (yes….there is a difference!! ) to learn what I can because inevitably someone, somewhere will need that wisdom.  We often say experience is the best teacher. That is only half-true.  Someone else’s experience is the best teacher.  It often helps me avoid walking where others have walked & sparing me the lessons thereof. 

Come along!

One is a whole number!


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